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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Statistica e Data Science
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Info for incoming Erasmus students

The courses are offered in two teachig periods: first semester (mid September to mid December, exams January-Februrary) and second semester (March to May, exams June-July).


In the following we report a list of courses of academic year 2019/20 that are suitable for foreign students. Notes:

  • All the courses are at the second year of the degree program. 
  • Each course has a link to a syllabus: even if the syllabus does not refer to next academic year, it remains unchanged - with the same teacher(s) - unless explicitly noted. If a syllabus is empty, please contact the Director of the degree program (see below).
  • The teaching language is English, except where noted; for courses in Italian, the lessons are in Italian, while the material (slides, excercises etc.) is in English (and the teacher can communicate in English with Erasmus students).
  • Before defining the learning agreement it is strongly suggested to contact the Director of the degree program Prof. Leonardo Grilli (email: leonardo.grilli(AT)


Courses of academic year 2019/20 - first semester:


Courses of academic year 2019/20 - second semester:

last update: 17-July-2019
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